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Trump Left an IRS Loophole To Help You

Trump Left an IRS Loophole To Help You

Will Biden Try To Close It ?

With the bank shutdowns happening every other day, this Trump “Loophole” becomes extremely important.

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Trump Leaves IRS Loophole Open To Help Americans – Will Biden Close It?

In the last days of his Presidency, Donald Trump saved the retirement dreams of millions by keeping an IRS “loophole” rule open. 

This rule is called IRS Code 408(m)(3) and it provides a little-known option for Americans to keep their retirement funds in physical precious metals instead of volatile stocks.

What makes this a “loophole”?

Because it allows you to:

  • Protect your retirement savings from inflation and a hyperinflationary Dollar collapse.

  • Diversify away from volatile stock market investments and into something dependable.

  • Keep your retirement funds as a physical asset instead of a digital one.

So let’s thank President Donald Trump for doing this!

But what about Biden?

Will Biden Eliminate This 
Dream-Come-True Retirement Option?

Biden is desperate to prop up the U.S. stock market (to win the next election), but he can’t do that if Americans have their savings in gold instead of stocks.

So if you’re at all interested in having a dependable and stable gold-backed retirement account, NOW may be the time to act!

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