The Dollar Is Dying While Everyone Is Distracted

The Dollar Is Dying While Everyone Is Distracted

The Dollar Is Dying While Everyone Is Distracted

No More Than A Hard Sneeze Will Take It Down

VOICE FROM THE FUTURE: “We Tried To Warn You”. Time to wake up – things are changing rapidly.

While Everyone’s Distracted, The Dollar Is Dying

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THURSDAY, APR 06, 2023 – 09:45 AM

Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog,

The circus surrounding the arrest of former President Donald Trump may have been a perfectly well-timed distraction.  Not only are our banks still in a state of collapse despite a  brief government-funded reprieve. Not only is the advent CBDCs looming over us.

The world is rapidly dumping the dollar, and that’s a next-level economic disaster.

This article contains several videos with in-depth information about what you need to know.

What countries are dumping the dollar?

A lengthy list of countries are moving away from using the US dollar, which has long been the reserve currency of the world. The following countries are in the process of reducing their dependency on the dollar.

  • Russia

  • China

  • Iran

  • Brazil

  • Argentina

  • Saudi Arabia

  • UAE

  • India

The world is rapidly dumping the dollar, and that’s a next-level economic disaster.

This article contains several videos with in-depth information about what you need to know.

Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad fame is convinced that it’s over for the dollar and that people need to rapidly take steps to protect the money they currently have in banks. He assures us that the banking crisis is just beginning. This is a longer video but there’s a ton of valuable insight within.

How to protect yourself

I’ve written before about how to protect yourself in this situation.

  1. Stock up on tangible goods like food, medicine, tools, and other supplies you know you’ll need.

  2. Limit the amount of money you keep in each bank account.

  3. Consider investing in physical gold and silver to maintain the value of the extra money you have.

If you want a free consultation about how you would switch some of your savings into gold and silver, I strongly recommend ITM Trading. This is the company that I use, and I trust and strongly recommend them. I find that they are incredibly educational and there’s no pressure whatsoever to make a purchase. Go here to learn more and set up your free strategy session – just talk to them – there’s nothing to lose and a ton of knowledge to gain.

Peter Schiff also seems convinced that people are going to quickly move to gold as the system collapses around our ears.

What happens if we lose reserve currency status?

Former Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of the Treasury Monica Crowley says that if the dollar loses its status we would rapidly face “catastrophic” consequences and the “implosion” of our economic system.

If oil begins to be traded in units other than the petrodollar, we face an almost immediate crisis. According to Crowley, “If that were to end, that would mean the end of the U.S. dollar.”

Emphasizing that the U.S. dollar having the world’s reserve currency status “has been a real privilege,” she expressed: “We’ve abused the privilege by wholly reckless monetary and fiscal policy for so many years, certainly over the last couple of years, which has really devalued the dollar.”

Crowley continued: “On top of that, now you do have this perfect storm of Biden’s weakness, his war on American domestic energy production, the Ukraine war … Because of all of these things, we’ve got America’s enemies, led by China, forming a new economic bloc.”

“If that were to happen, there would be a complete implosion of the global economic system, but certainly the American economic system. And if that were to happen, you’d be looking at sky-high inflation just raging, Weimar Republic kind of inflation. If you think inflation is bad right now, just wait.”“But more importantly, we would lose our economic dominance and we would lose our superpower status,” she noted.

All of this is ramping up.

All the things mentioned in these videos have occurred over the past two weeks, while everyone was (justifiably) outraged or gleeful about the indictment of Trump. Last month we watched the banking system teetering on the brink of disaster. It’s not going to take more than a hard sneeze to send the entire thing crashing down.

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The Dollar Is Dying While Everyone Is Distracted


The Dollar Is Dying While Everyone Is Distracted