Is The US Dollar Dying?

Is The US Dollar Dying?

Glenn Beck: If THIS happens to the dollar, YOUR LIFE will COMPLETELY change

Is the U.S. dollar healthy, or is it currently experiencing a dangerous decline? Carol Roth, financial expert and author of the upcoming book ‘You Will Own Nothing,’ joins Glenn

Is The US Dollar Dying?
Glenn Beck: If THIS happens to the dollar, YOUR LIFE will COMPLETELY change
My greatest concern is how to recover from all these economic and global troubles and stay afloat especially with the political power tussle going on in US.
Carol is the best, I love listening to her when she’s on, she’s got such a cool mind and she really can see right through all the BS and explain exactly what’s about to happen. Glad she is your friend Glenn.
You can’t vote your way out of tyranny! Buy Food! Buy Silver! Buy ammo!
The death of the dollar would be prevented at all costs. So, if it does happen, they did it on purpose. Always remember that.
Great discussion..hope you have her back how fired up she gets and how she layed those facts out there .
I learned about 6 yrs ago that my grandfather was at Bretton Woods Conference as Secretary to the US rep there. 😮😮😮 He truly thought he was doing what was right for America. He was a strong patriot, but now I know he was fully brainwashed into thinking this was good. I believe he’s rolling in his grave now.
I love Carol Roth. She’s a really good at explaining things and is super smart.
Happening right now!! Life as we know it will never be the same! Plus know one fights for anything anymore 🧐
Carol is an awesome role model. Thank you!
Wealthy people don’t care what kind of political system is in place
Glenn Beck I am so glad that you were on the news because you’re the one of the only ones besides Tucker Carlson. U2 guys are the only world news that you can honestly trust and I appreciate you and I pray that God will watch over you and keep you safe and always keep you on the air thank you
Carroll Roth is one awesome teacher!
It’s already dead. Every US bill still CLEARLY states, “This bill is legal tender, for all debts, public and private.” But I have heard of places NOT accepting cash for payment. ????? Why does the US mint waste money telling everyone that US money is literally, good as gold, when it isn’t? More govt lies…
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Bible prophecy watchers have pointed out that paper money will disappear and the mark of the Best will come to prominence and be global. If you have any believes in the Bible you can see the Bible is true and falling into place. Glen, God. bless you for bringing this issue to the forefront to an unbelieving world.
Isn’t the dollar dying irrelevant at this point because we all know they’re coming out with a digital currency
I just love when Carol Roth is on
Will Dark Future be made into an audiobook? For those of us older and/or with PTSD, the audiobook format is a real blessing..
The gov is intentionally distracting us and calling it misinformation so we miss this whole thing
George Bush Sr. certainly flipped the switch. I totally remember him saying that in real time. Something sunk in my stomach when I heard that.
I was shipped to Saudi Arabia in 1991 to protect their stuff. They had no clue what to do, they had so many immigrants living and working in the country who were not loyal to the Saud’s. Day laborer’s to do a task and send earnings back to the pan Pacific region. The ultra rich paraded around in their Italian sports cars and waited to see how we could fix the problem with Saddam. So I think the Saudi’s still owe us a little consideration instead of the Chinese who did nothing when Iraq invaded Kuwait. Or has that all changed now?
I Love Mr. Beck !!, I have ben watching for a long long time!! , He feels like Family !!!, Thank You so very much Sir !!, Please be Blessed!!
Absolutely a genius. She is
Dollar ain’t dying , it’s being killed.
This is exactly why I have buried my treasure somewhere nobody will ever find it. Silver and Gold = sound money Dollars and Cents = fiat currency (aka trash)
Mr Roth is a lucky man
It’s all in the Book! 💜
I love Carol’s “Duke & Duke” shirt. Down with the politically correct tyrants!
It is happening and we all better be prepping.
The overnight scenario could happen by the end of august..BRICS will be announcing their new gold backed currency august 22-24.
We need to stop this how can we do this.

Is The US Dollar Dying?



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